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Commercial Warehousing and Storage


Secure storage and warehousing services that are flexible and scalable to meet your business needs are more important than ever before. For more than 20 years, INTL Expo Express has provided commercial business storage nationwide, including seasonal, overflow and equipment warehousing.

We deliver reliable warehousing support with over one million square feet of commercial storage space available across the U.S. Each warehousing center is designed with flexibility and security in mind, providing a wide range of storage, shipping and logistics support..

Our warehousing services offer tremendous advantages to small and large businesses looking to store and manage inventory, parts and products closer to customer and service areas. Businesses can also free up space by utilizing our facilities to support large storage needs including equipment, supplies or office materials.  We offer month-to-month rental agreements, allowing you to make changes whenever you need.

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Secure storage and warehousing services that are flexible and scalable.

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