Event Planning and Execution


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Convention And Trade Show Services

We have decades of experience coordinating trade show logistics at venues across the country – from labor to flooring and drayage to electricity hookups. Let us help streamline your event planning, reduce your costs, and exceed your trade show goals this year.

Our professional event management team and show services personnel have delivered exceptional customer service and on-time delivery of exhibits and materials to support a diverse client base across the country. We are known throughout the tradeshow industry for going above and beyond to exceed all expectations.

Services Include

  • I&D (Installation and Dismantling) of Exhibit Booths, Displays and Materials
  • Signage and Exhibit Graphic Design
  • Furniture and Exhibit Rentals
  • Repairs and Material Refurbishment
  • Warehousing and Storage




Phone: 1-866-497-4071


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You can rely on INTL Expo with the safety of the material we store and deliver

On time

INTL Expo team is dedicated to delivering your most valuable assets on time, every time


Secure storage and warehousing services that are flexible and scalable.

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